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The National Pediatric Rehabilitation Resource Center offers multiple informative presentations, including short courses, symposia, demonstration workshops, and webinars.

Please review these upcoming events hosted by other NIH-funded resource centers in the MR3 Network and the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and others:

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Past Events

Gross Motor Function Measure (GMFM) Asynchronous Study

Take this self-paced course to become proficient in administering and scoring the GMFM. Research administration of the GMFM and reliability of > 85% with C-PROGRESS is considered sufficient. More details to come soon!


Here are some supportive reference materials that might help your research:

Didactic Interactions Summary

C-PROGRESS offers a wide mix of didactic activities to assist others in the following areas: developing, rigorously testing, and appropriately measuring outcomes of new pediatric rehabilitation treatments via a variety of research designs; analyzing multivariate and longitudinal data from pediatric clinical trials that face unique challenges, because children are developing at varying rates over the course of rehabilitation treatment and throughout the follow-up period; developing and applying tools to measure Fidelity of Treatment Implementation; and designing and conducting research in the relatively new field of Implementation Science, so that efficacious treatments can be applied in a timely and effective way in real world settings to realize maximum benefits. These Didactic Interactions offerings are designed to be practically useful for scientists and clinicians interested in furthering clinical pediatric rehabilitation research.

For more information about C-PROGRESS Didactic Interactions, please contact Stephanie DeLuca, Ph.D. at stephdeluca@vt.edu.

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